About Us

Winward Natural Equine Center has been in operation at it’s location in Wilton,
California for nearly 40 years. Our goal here is to make a safe, happy atmosphere for both
horses and people.

Our owner, Sandyjean Winward has had a long career with horses, from childhood to our
modern day. She has been a competitor in the Arabian world and an Arabian breeder
and trainer. However, several years ago she decided that what appealed to her in the
training field, was to only train horses with their owners participation. So often, horses
are trained very well, but then sent back to owners who don’t understand how to keep
that training in place.

This has been very successful, and is the only kind of training done at the ranch.

Our main focus now is, however, boarding. We provide stalls (all with paddocks) in a clean
and stress free atmosphere. Our stall cleaners are horse lovers rather than people just
working at a “job”.

There are two covered arenas, two round pens and two more arenas of large and very
large size. Four of the arenas are lit, two with great professional lighting.

We also offer something not usually found at a boarding facility. We have  TWO(2)-Grassy
Turnouts! That means you have the opportunity to turn your horse out to just wander
around and eat grass either by himself or with a buddy.

You may notice in the pictures a wonderful horse playground with many and varied

One more thing are the trees. The grooming area has trees, the one round pen is
surrounded by trees, the pasture has trees. It is beautiful and clean here. We haven’t
counted them, but there must be about 100 trees.

Please come see us if you are considering a new home for your equine companion. We’d
love to show you around and answer any questions you  may have. Feel free to talk to other boarders
and see what they think about our place. Look at the condition of the horses. See that
they come to visit with people who are walking around.

And lastly, please look us up on Yelp.  We’re pretty popular.  🙂