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—– There are reliant, designated feeders & horse-care personnel in place at WNEC.  If  ANY  of you have ANY  questions as to feeding, or turning any horses out-DO  NOT  DISCUSS  IT  WITH  STAFF! Instead, go right to the source-of-direction &  PLEASE  contact Sandyjean, Owner-Manager of WNEC (via tele/text/note/in-person)….. IMMEDIATELY!  —–

*****   3-Times…..definitely a charm!  Lillan Roquet, a former protégé of Linda Parelli, has been a repeat invite clinic instructor  from WNEC for several years.  The  NEXT  CLINIC  has already been scheduled for June 2022!  There were ten(10)- in attendance, again, this past week of June 4th thru 7th, and all applauded what they learned.  It is three(3)-days of knowledge and horse filled days that are informative and enjoyable.  EVERYONE  thoroughly enjoyed her expertise & can’t wait until the next clinic.    🙂  *****

=====  New expansion & design is being/has been made for “ON-SITE  TRAIL  RIDING”.  A NEW  ROUTE  has been made through the Pond Area & & across the Island.  Jessie used  the walk-behind trimmer and wacked a whole new path & trail leveling weeds recently.  Sandyjean & Jessie have been “designing” an addition to the “Horse Playground Area”.   BE  SURE  TO  WALK  “ROUTE”  BY  YOURSELF  &  GET  FAMILIAR  B E F O R E   TAKING   YOUR   HORSE   “ALOFT”  THE  TOP  OF  LEVEE, and through the NEW Pond Route!  =====

***** Winward Natural Equine Center has been a partner with the  Murieta Inn and Spa, located in Rancho Murieta, CA since they opened.  Some pretty nice reviews have been forthcoming about food & atmosphere.  We’ve tried it there & thoroughly enjoyed it.  We have included some appetizing pictures of a few of their foodstuff menus and are encouraging any & all to stop by & see them (be sure to mention Dr. W & Sandyjean of WNEC).  For any that are engaged in WNEC Horse Programs and Seminars, we encourage you to take advantage of their many rooms and suites.  Catering is another special feature of  Murieta  Inn & Spa!  Wait until you  SEE   INSIDE!  Call them for reservations or appointments at 916-354-3900  *****

+++++  THE  NEIGHBORHOOD  WAS  AWAKENED  TO  GUN  SHOTS  &  SCREAMING! ……….Y I K E S!……….& it  wasn’t  because of Dr. W!!!  WNEC hosted a “Mounted Shooting” Seminar a couple years back, with Guest Trainer Mindy Mosteiro.  Many folks trailered in for the weekend, and a great time was had by all.  Even the local Police were in attendance (“city-raised-neighbors” apparently thought a Civil War had erupted at WNEC & being “new to Country-Living-habits”, they panicked…..resulting in a visit by the gendarmes). Of course, blanks were being used, while horse training for “abrupt & loud sounds” was being utilized for better & safer trail riding.   You may find “Dr W” occasionally parking his “running” tractor/lawn mower/utv at your horses stall gate or fence, to assist in this “foreign noise problem” with some horses. He’s even been seen feeding Fresh Green Mulberry Leaves to horses, right from his tractor seat! +++++

+++++  PLEASE  REMEMBER,  TO   A L W A Y S   KEEP  YOUR  DOGS  ON  A  LEASH  &  WITH  YOU  AT  ALL  TIMES  AND,  TO  REMEMBER  TO  PICK  UP  ANY  FECES  LEFT!  Sorry, but one of the “Rules” of the ranch is:  that “all  ‘VISITING’  dogs must be kept on leash”.   IF   you choose to leave them in your vehicle, please make sure that they have air, water…..AND,  DO  NOT  BARK  CONTINUALLY!…  WILL  be directed to leave if non compliant!  🙁  +++++