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XXXXX  NEW  “Cowboy  Dressage Court” is closer to completion.  Awaiting Weeping Willow stump removal.!  XXXXX

/////  ALSO, some familiar names & faces moved onto the ranch  August this month…..  Vinnie & George, Luna, Diesel, & Kiwi!  /////

*****  Winward Natural Equine Center has partnered with The  NEW  Murieta Inn and Spa, located in Rancho Murieta, CA.  We have included some appetizing pictures of a few of their foodstuff menus and are encouraging any & all to stop by & see them (mention Dr. W & Sandyjean of WNEC).  For any that are engaged in WNEC Horse Programs and Seminars, we encourage you to take advantage of their many rooms and suites.  Catering is another special feature of  Murieta  Inn & Spa!  Wait until you  SEE   INSIDE!  Call them for reservations or appointments at 916-354-3900  *****

00000  Most of you know that “Dr. W” (as he is often called) is a retired Homeopathic Practitioner & Accredited Certified Massage Therapist, hence the title after the name:  Dr. W. W. Winward, Sr., DIHom, ACMT.  And, most of you know that Walt is a Radio Announcer and has been a Broadcaster since 1959.  His Professional Radio Name is Jimmy Cole.  Jimmy Cole has been in Northern California Radio since 1966, and has been at K-FOG in San Francisco, KCRA in Sacramento, KHSL in Chico, KOBO in Yuba City, KORV in Oroville, KSUE in Susanville, and General  Manager/Owner of KQCY/KFRW-FM in Quincy and KZMK in Bisbee, Arizona.  As famed Old Time Country Singer Hank Snow once sang “I’ve Been Everywhere, (man)”, Jimmy Cole has probably been “in your speakers” at one time.  Jimmy Cole currently has a Podcast on iTunes on his radio station CROC  RADIO and can be heard on this link:    (It’s FREE)      IF  you wish to see some pictures & a short bio, go to:  00000

*****  Our  “LIVE-IN” Ranch Worker is in.  Be sure to say “Hi” to Jennifer Shields when you see her  “out-‘n’-bout” the ranch.  She will be  FEEDING  Saturday thru Wednesday evenings 4-7 pm, and doing odd work around the place.  Her dog’s name is “Zera”, and they  BOTH  are very friendly.  :-)) *****


WNEC hosted a “Mounted Shooting” Seminar this past summer, with Guest Trainer Mindy Mosteiro.  Many folks trailered in for the weekend, and a great time was had by all.  Even the local Police were in attendance (“city-raised-neighbors” apparently thought a Civil War had erupted & new to “Country-Living-habits”, they panicked and we had a visit by the gendarmes). Of course, blanks were being used, while horse training for “abrupt & loud sounds” was being utilized for better & safer trail riding.   You may find “Dr W” occasionally parking his “running” tractor/lawn mower/utv at your horses stall gate or fence, to assist in this “foreign noise problem” with some horses. He’s even been seen feeding Fresh Green Mulberry Leaves to horses like “Billie”, “24Karat”, and others right from his tractor seat! +++++


Sorry, but one of the “Rules” of the ranch is:  that “all visiting dogs must be kept on leash” & if you choose (leaving them in your vehicle), please make sure that they have air, water…..AND,  DO  NOT  BARK  CONTINUALLY!!!!!  +++++